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About Us

Founded in early 2013, EZPuff Vapor Labs is owned and operated by a United States Marine Corps Veteran with the mission of assisting those still using traditional forms of tobacco products. EZPuff has been introducing viable options that are considered a healthier alternative by countless respectable medical professionals.  Transitioning from smoking to vaping should be and can be enjoyable! Thus, EZPuff's dedicated team has committed to delivering extraordinary eLiquid flavors and the finest quality products available on the market. 

Each individual flavor is manufactured by experts under strict supervision, in a clean and sterile enclosure utilizing a 3-stage HEPA-Filtration system, filtering particulates as small as .3 microns, to ensure a clean working environment and to keep out foreign substances and air-borne particles.     

Each of our Jolly Roger flavors are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure the utmost precision, consistency, and quality of finished products.  EZPuff Vapor Labs uses a proprietary steeping process along with the finest and freshest ingredients available in the industry.  We use a wide variety of natural and artificial flavoring concentrates, extracts, essential oils, and emulsions to provide a unique quality product that we ourselves enjoy and consume on a daily basis.

During our experimental stages, we discovered which ingredients result in the most satisfying and superior finished product. Ranging from our nicotine supply, to flavoring concentrates and extracts, to our PG and VG, we utilize only what has already proven to be the best!  We do not sell any products that we personally do not use ourselves.  Each flavor has gone through rigorous sampling and test-panel approvals to specifically make certain that the end user will be pleased with their purchase.  All of our products have been tested and approved by our staff flavorists, fellow vapers, and loyal customers.      

After extensive research and analysis, it was concluded that the source of nicotine is VITAL in producing quality eLiquid consistently.  Our nicotine source is naturally extracted from tobacco plants, NOT synthetically produced.  It is the purest and most stable liquid nicotine available on the market. Each batch contains its own Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet.