Mar 24th 2024

Digiflavor Geek Bar Lush 20k vs. Geek Bar Pulse: An In-Depth Comparison

In the dynamic world of disposable vapes, the Digiflavor Geek Bar Lush 20k and Geek Bar Pulse distinguish themselves with innovative features designed to enhance the user experience. With cutting-edge technology at their core, both devices aim to cater to a broad spectrum of vaping preferences. Here’s a closer examination of their offerings, focusing on technology, puff count, e-juice strength and capacity, battery life, size, style, and notably, their flavor selections.


Both models are equipped with dual mesh coils and dual-core systems, complemented by full screens displaying both battery life and e-juice capacity. The Pulse uniquely positions its screen on the side, while the Lush opts for a frontal display. Noteworthy is their firing modes designed for consistent flavor: "Pulse mode" for the Pulse and "Dynamic mode" for the Lush. The Pulse touts the title of the "World’s First Full Screen" vape, whereas the Lush is celebrated for its 6s Flavor Guardian, a feature ensuring health safety alongside flavor preservation during prolonged inhales.

Puff Count

The Lush outperforms with a staggering 20,000 puffs in its standard mode and 10,000 in dynamic mode, surpassing the Pulse's 15,000 in standard and 7,500 in pulse mode.

E-Juice Strength and Capacity

While both devices maintain a nicotine strength of 5%, the Lush slightly edges out with an 18ml capacity, compared to the Pulse's 16ml.

Battery Life

The Lush boasts a superior 820mAh battery capacity over the Pulse's 650mAh, though both utilize USB-C for convenient charging.


Dimension-wise, the Pulse is designed for sleek portability at 82.6mm X 52.6mm X 22.7mm, whereas the Lush is slightly bulkier at 50.9mm x 28mm x 89.84mm.


Stylistically, the Pulse offers a light, zodiac-themed aesthetic, while the Lush embraces a bold, cyberpunk-inspired look, catering to different user tastes.

Flavor Selection

A significant distinction lies in their flavor offerings. The Pulse boasts an expansive variety of over 30 flavors, catering to a wide range of palates. This diversity includes unique blends and traditional favorites, ensuring that every user finds their preferred taste. On the other hand, the Lush provides a more focused selection of 15 flavors, emphasizing quality and intensity of taste, with a lean towards tropical and lush profiles.


Choosing between the Digiflavor Geek Bar Lush 20k and Geek Bar Pulse ultimately boils down to individual preference across several dimensions. While the Lush offers a higher puff count and battery capacity, the Pulse wins on flavor diversity, offering over twice the number of flavors. The decision may also hinge on factors like size, technology, and style preference — whether one values the extensive flavor range and zodiac-inspired design of the Pulse or the larger capacity, battery life, and cyberpunk aesthetic of the Lush. Both Geek Bar devices represent the pinnacle of current vaping technology, ensuring that regardless of choice, users will enjoy a premium vaping experience.