Jan 30th 2023

Love Vaping? Here Are 7 Vaping Tricks You Need To Try

If you’re reading this, you probably have spare time to relax and try some vape tricks with your vaping device. Keep reading to find out what new tricks you can do and be the life of the party.

Bring a Tornado To The Party

Vape Tornado: The vape tornado is a stunning e-cigarette trick you can perform with your vape rig. All you need to do is blow out the vapor in a circular motion and watch it spin around like a tornado!

A Classic

Vaping O's - One of the most popular tricks performed with an e-cigarette. Vaping O's creates a beautiful full circle of vapor smoke. To make vaping O's, blow out the vapor while rotating your head in a circle.

A Halloween Favorite

Vape Ghost Inhale: This simple vape trick is an easy way to look like a professional vaper! All you need to do is take in a large amount of vapor into your mouth and then push it out in a single burst, creating a "ghost" of vapor.

Magical Creatures

Vape Dragon: This trick controls the vapor's direction as you blow it out. To create a vape dragon, inhale deeply into your lungs and then shape your lips like an "O" shape as you blow out the vapor. This will create a "dragon-like" effect of the vapor.

Be The Life Of The Party

Atomic Bomb: For this trick, you must blow out two clouds of vapor simultaneously by exhaling through your nose and mouth. To create an atomic bomb effect, blow one cloud up and the other down.

EZ Puff Vape Offers A Variety of Flavors

Vaping tricks can be a great way to show off your skills and impress your friends. If you take the time to practice these tricks, you will soon become the master of vape trickery!

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