Feb 23rd 2023

Vaping On A Plane: Airlines Regulations You Must Be Aware Of

Flying with e-cigarettes and vape devices has become increasingly common; as vaping grows in popularity. However, many airlines have restrictions and regulations on vaping at an airport or while onboard an aircraft.

In this post, we'll discuss vaping regulations among some airlines to give an idea of what to expect when traveling with vape devices. Keep reading.

What Happens If You Vape On A Plane?

Vaping on an airplane could result in serious financial penalties, not to mention potential repercussions when you land at your destination. Even though e-cigarettes and disposable vapes have become more common, their use is still banned onboard commercial flights; the lithium batteries inside them can be risky for travelers and other passengers.

When packing for a flight, it is essential to remember that vapes and related products are prohibited from checked luggage. Each airline has policies addressing this matter, and the government has further reinforced this by allowing airlines to create additional rules that don't clash with the laws.

Airlines Regulations For Traveling With Vaping Devices

Here's a list of what some airlines have stated when it comes to vaping while traveling:

British Airways

This airline prohibits using any e-cigarette while on board; however, you can bring it in your carry on luggage or keep it with you.

United Airlines

E-cigarettes and personal vaporizers are not permitted in either gate-checked or checked bags. Therefore, store these items carefully in your carry-on bag or personal item while you travel.

Delta Airlines

Electronic smoking devices can be brought aboard planes in carry-on luggage only. They are meant exclusively for the individual's use and must be carried by the passenger.

American Airlines

If you're traveling with an electronic cigarette featuring a lithium-ion battery, you must keep it in your carry-on. Although allowed on the flight, using these devices is strictly prohibited and could result in costly fines or other legal repercussions.

After all, the best advice when traveling with vaping devices is to always check with the airline about vaping regulations to stay on the safe side. Keeping vaping devices in carry-on luggage or accompanying bags is recommended to avoid any potential damage.

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