ELF Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape Device in Pompano Beach, FL

The age of stale smoke odor permanently staining your hair, home, and clothing is now a thing of the past, thanks to e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Enjoy up to 5000 delightful puffs with the ELF Bar BC5000 Disposable Pod in various delectable flavors! You can choose your favorite flavor from Grape Energy, Watermelon Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Tropical Rainbow Blast, and more. 


Enjoy the silky sensation of vaping as a substitute for smoking traditional cigarettes. Are you looking for ways to lessen your reliance on classic smokes? Then, try this disposable vape device alternatives and join hundreds of other vapers in Pompano Beach, FL, who are already making the switch! 




Unbeatable Features For The ELF Bar BC5000 Disposable Pod

Rechargeable Device To Go Anywhere 

Suppose you are enjoying your vape break when, all of a sudden, your battery runs out. This not only kills the vape vibes, but it can be annoying. With the ELF BAR BC5000, you have a long-lasting, rechargeable battery for your convenience. Feel at ease with this excellent feature and go anywhere without recharging frequently. 

Get Tons of Flavor 

Once you have tried the many flavor options from the ELF Bar BC5000, you will want to try them all. From Triple Berry Ice, Pineapple Coconut Ice, and Watermelon Bubblegum to Grape Energy, you can soon find the right flavor to be your favorite. Enjoy the savory options today. We are happy to say we now offer e-cigarettes for Pompano, FL, residents.  

650mAh Built-in Battery For Long Lasting 

The ELF Bar BC5000 has a long-lasting battery for those long journeys without a rechargeable outlet. So feel confident.


5% Nicotine Level For A Smooth Transition 

Are you looking for an entry-level device to ease your way into vaping? The ELF Bar Vapes BC5000 Disposable Pod in Pompano Beach FL., offers a milder experience, with 5% nicotine content providing just enough satisfaction without overwhelming those transitioning from smoking and desiring to reduce their nicotine intake over time.


13ml Pre-filled E-liquid; Get Your Flavor On 

Indulge in the ultimate vaping experience with our 13 ml pre-filled e-liquid. You can select whichever flavor you desire and give yourself a well-deserved vape break after a long day at work! Our range of sweet desserts, citrusy mixes, and other delightful flavors will tantalize your taste buds like never before. So why wait? Get ready to savor the richness of our premium 13 ml pre-filled e-liquid today!


Measurements of 79mm x 41mm x 19mm; Petite But Powerful

You no longer have to give up quality for convenience! This portable yet powerful vaporizer can be available immediately in your pocket or purse. With countless flavors accessible, you're sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds. Wherever life takes you, this device is always ready with top-notch performance.


Awesome Ergonomic Physical Features 

Maximize your comfort with the ergonomic ELF Bar BC5000 Disposable Pod Device. With its smooth mouthpiece and easy grip design, this device is tailor-made for vapers of all kinds! Enjoy up to 5000 puffs without sacrificing style or convenience - it's a win-win!


Want to Know What's in the Juice? 

For those curious to find out what's in the juice, here it is: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and natural & artificial flavors. 


Ez Puff Vape Provides Countless Flavor Options  

Get rid of the old-fashioned cigarette smoke and switch to vaping e-cigarettes in Pompano Beach FL! Find your new ELF Bar BC5000 at Ez Puff Vape designed just for you. There are a variety of delicious flavors available, from Tropical Rainbow Blast to Honeydew - you'll be sure to find something that suits your taste buds! We offer an excellent alternative for tobacco smokers who want to switch and explore what vaping has in store.Get your Elf Bar Vapes in Pompano Beach, FL today!