ELF BAR BC5000 Disposable Vape Device in Sweetwater, FL

Switching to a vaping device allows you to tackle your nicotine craving while still enjoying the flavor of some delicious e-juices. You can find the perfect taste with various flavors, from traditional tobacco and menthol to fruit-flavored blends. Get your new e-cigarettes in Sweetwater, FL, from Ez Puff Vape. 


With the ELF BAR BC5000 Disposable Pod, you can enjoy various flavors, including Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Mango Peach Apricot, Sour Candy, and more. Shop online at Ez Puff Vape and see what other flavors are available. 




Unique Features From The ELF Bar BC5000 Disposable Pod

Rechargeable Device For Your Convenience 

Don't let a drained battery disrupt your night! The ELF BAR BC5000 Disposable Vape Device provides the perfect solution so you can vape again in no time. So keep chatting - with the reliable power of an ELF BAR, you're good to go.


Tasty Flavors For Your Enjoyment 

Let your taste buds be tantalized by the wide range of flavors available with the ELF BAR BC5000 - from a classic Blue Razz Lemon to an exciting Honeydew Pineapple Orange. You won't be disappointed, and there's something for everyone! Find out what new flavors are available from ELF BAR Vapes in Sweetwater, FL. 


650mAh Built-in Battery, So You Are Good To Go 

If you're getting ready for a night out, choosing the ELF BAR BC5000 Disposable Pod is ideal. Its long-lasting battery ensures hours of vaping without a recharge, allowing you to make and stick to your plans worry-free. So go ahead and have that fun time – it's earned!


5% Nicotine Level A Perfect Balance 

Satisfy your cravings with an exciting range of tropical, fruity, or savory treats with just the proper nicotine dosage – 5%! You'll get all the pleasure without feeling overwhelmed. Experience flavor perfection now! 

13ml Pre-filled E-liquid For Enough Juice

Satisfy your cravings for the perfect flavor with ELF BAR BC5000 Disposable Pod's 13 ml Pre-filled E-liquid. Treat yourself to tantalizing tastes and create voluminous vapor clouds with each puff!


Measurements of 79mm x 41mm x 19mm Tiny, But With a Kick of Flavor 

Don't be deceived by The ELF BAR BC5000's slim design and small size - these pods are packed full of flavor and nicotine satisfaction. Get the best out of a pod vaping device that has a convenience size, and design. 

Enjoy Comfort with Our Ergonomic Design 

This device ensures your comfort is at the forefront of its design, providing an ergonomically optimized and aesthetically pleasing experience. Its modern mouthpiece allows for effortless vaping, allowing you to take smooth draws like never before! Get ready to enjoy incomparable comfort as our device takes your breath away!


Ez Puff Vape Offers Vaping Pods Designed For You 

Ready to migrate from the tobacco world into a universe of flavorful bliss? Sweetwater, FL, residents can do just that with our wide selection at Ez Puff Vape! Our vapors are created using only premium-grade ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and natural & artificial flavors, ensuring an extraordinary experience every time you take a puff. Get ready for something savory - indulge in vaping today! Find ELF Bar vapes in Sweetwater, FL, for an unforgettable experience.