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Geek Bar
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Bulk Geek Bar Pulse - 5 Pack

Pulse Flavor List: 

Berry Bliss: Dive into berry paradise, where a medley of sweet berries melds perfectly with a whisper of cool mint for a truly blissful finish.

Black Cherry: Experience a deep, luxurious cherry taste with a delightful tart edge, transporting you to a grove of the richest, darkest cherries.

Blueberry Watermelon: Enjoy a refreshing blend of plump blueberries and sweet watermelon, creating a taste of summer in every puff.

Blue Mint: Freshness comes alive with Blue Mint, a soothing combination of crisp mint and a subtle note of blueberries for a cool, invigorating vape.

Blue Razz Ice: Savor the zesty flavor of blue raspberries with a frosty twist, offering a refreshing icy exhale that invigorates the senses.

Blow Pop: Relish the iconic sweetness where classic lollipop flavors meet a surprising bubblegum core for a fun, nostalgic vaping experience.

California Cherry: Enjoy the essence of sun-drenched cherries, capturing the taste of California's finest orchards in every vape.

Cherry Bomb: Feel the explosion of bold cherry flavor, offering a perfect mix of sweetness with a hint of sourness for an unforgettable taste.

Crazy Melon: Delight in the pure, sweet flavor of cantaloupe, delivering a refreshingly simple yet profoundly satisfying melon experience.

Dragon Melon: Discover the exotic taste of dragon fruit mixed with sweet watermelon and cantaloupe, creating a flavor adventure that's as unique as it is delicious.

Fcuking FAB: Be dazzled by an eclectic mix of mysterious fruity flavors, designed to delight and surprise with every puff.

Grape Blow Pop: Relive cherished memories, blending the classic grape lollipop taste with a playful bubblegum center.

Grape Lemon: Get a zesty twist on traditional grape, combining sweet grape with tangy lemon for a balanced, refreshing flavor.

Juicy Peach Ice: Bask in the lush, ripe flavor of peaches with an icy cool finish, making each vape a refreshing summer breeze.

Meta Moon: Embark on a flavor odyssey, where watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries converge in a celestial blend of fruity delight.

Mexico Mango: Capture the lush, tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes, whisking you away to the sunny shores of Mexico with each vape.

Miami Mint: Refresh like a cool ocean breeze, with a crisp mint flavor that embodies the lively spirit of Miami's beaches.

OMG Blow Pop: Surprise yourself with a candy-inspired fusion of sweet and sour flavors, delivering an exclamation-worthy vaping experience.

Orange Creamsicle: Combine the bright, citrusy flavor of orange with creamy vanilla for a smooth, dreamy vape that echoes a beloved dessert.

Pink Lemonade: Offer a sweetly tart escape, blending zesty lemon with a hint of red berry sweetness for a quintessential summer flavor.

Sour Apple Blow Pop: Pack a tart punch with the green apple flavor, finished with a sweet bubblegum surprise, for a balanced sweet-sour vape.

Sour Apple Ice: Combine the sharp taste of green apples with a cooling ice effect, creating a crisp, invigorating vape experience.

Strawberry Banana: Blend ripe strawberries with creamy banana, creating a smooth, fruity concoction that's both comforting and delightful.

Strawberry Mango: Merge the sweetness of strawberries with the tropical zest of mangoes, offering a vibrant, juicy vape adventure.

Tropical Rainbow Blast: Experience a kaleidoscope of fruit flavors, each puff a burst of tropical fruit that's as dazzling to the palate as a rainbow to the eyes.

Watermelon Ice: Cool with the pure, sweet essence of watermelon, finished with an icy exhale for a hydrating vape experience.

White Gummy Ice: Capture the sugary sweetness of white gummy bears with a refreshing ice twist, making each vape a frosty, candy delight.

Device Specs


Geek Bar




 16.0 ml


 ~ 15000 / ~ 7500 Pulse


 650 mAh




 Dual Mesh Coil


 82.6mm X 52.6mm X 22.7mm


 Full LED Screen / Battery Life & E-Juice Level Indicators

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  • 5
    Sour apple ice

    Posted by Kole on Jun 11th 2024

    Came quick, tastes great. No issues

  • 5
    Geek bar pulse

    Posted by Cyndi on May 20th 2024

    My geek bar pulse bulk 5 pack came very quickly and I’m satisfied with my purchase! Will continue to use EZPuff for my vaping needs!